We have developed a system for measuring passive acoustic requirements

To test the sound insulation of buildings we use sound sources that meet the specific requirements of the ISO technical standards. The system integrates the most advanced features required for this type of equipment.

DF01KIT - Dodicifacce

Kit omnidirectional loudspeaker for acoustic measurements

DF01N Kit is made up omnidirectional loudspeaker for acoustic measurements, portable amplifier battery & 220V operated, tripod, peakon 5m cable (4P), carring bag for loudspeaker

Main features for amplifier & speaker

High performance 96kHz 120 dB 32 bits AD/DA converters

High performances FIR DSP (64 bit double precision 96kHz DSP process) designed specifically for this loudspeaker, with 4 factory preloaded preset for acoustic measurements

Equalizer included

Reduced size: 350x300x150mm

Lightweight: 4.75kg (sound source) - 4,5 kg (amplifier)

Internal large range noise generator wireless technology controlled to use with smartphone, tablet for e.g., and specific to use with SOUNDNOISE. Controller included

USB input for external source

Operational time with battery about 1,5h (with battery in perfect working conditions)

Dedicated battery monitor to check status of battery charge

Maximum power for Omnidirectional LSP: 120 dB pwl @ 2m

Standard: ISO 140, ISO 3382, ISO 16283

High-Quality Speaker Cable

Cable: 4 x 1.5 mm²

Neutrik NL2FX Speaker Twist connectors to Speakon 4P

Sheath diameter: 9 mm

Length: 5 m

Colour: Black

Aluminium Tripod

4-Part column (two-fold extension)

Max. height: 210 cm

Min. height: 67 cm

Load capacity: 4 kg - Mounting head: Ø 16 mm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Colour: Black

Carrying Bag

Tear and water-resistent

Padded handles

Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels

Lined with 20 mm of foam material - 20 mm Zip

DF01-TALKBOX - Dodicifacce

Plastic flight case

Specific plastic flight case made In Italy with trolley and internal cubed foam preformed

Main features for amplifier & speaker

Compliance to IEC 60268-16

Pre loaded factory signal set (pink noise, white noise, STI signal (validated), pure tone

Other audio test file can be added by the user using usb input

For STIPA band levels 60dBA @1 m

Others audio test tone depends of the level

M10 mounting pole (adptor include)

Dimension : 240 x 160 x 185 mm

Weight: 3 kg

AC/DC power supply (input 110/220V)

Table stand

Usb Mass storage 32G with Our exclusive test tones catalogue

Flight case with trolley with cubic foam (optional)



502 X 415 X H246 mm 19.76 x 16.34 x H9.69 inch

465 X 335 X H220 mm 18.31 x 13.19 x H8.66 inch

3,40 Kg34,27 Lt



DF01_DIR - Dodicifacce

Easily transportable Sound box

Thanks to the use of the amplifier (optional DF01_A), it’s able to produce a sound pressure level sufficient to perform the tests and acoustic tests necessary to control the acoustic performance of buildings.

The DF01_DIR sound box is easily transportable via the soft bag with shoulder strap for transport.

The DF01_DIR speaker can be used with other external amplified sources, complying with the specified technical specifications (maximum sound power is not guaranteed).

The passive directional speaker is equipped with a rigid and ergonomic wooden structure treated with embossed paint that protects it from impact and moisture.

Main features for amplifier & speaker

Size: 260 x 210 x 320 mm

Weight: 4 Kg

Maximum power: 600 W

Max sound power level: 130 dBA

Impedance: 4+4 Ω

4 Speakon Pin: IN +1, -1 / IN +2, -2

Standard equipment: 5m 4p cable, bag

Optional: flight case

Regulatory standards and reference standards

UNI EN ISO: 140-5, 16283-3, 3382, 354 Complies with EC Directives

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These advanced systems allow the publication of data in real time on FTP servers and Web pages. They are also able to manage alarms, warning systems to avoid or prevent critical situations. '12dodicifacce' creates and markets multiple technological solutions in the field of Acoustics and Sound reinforcement.